Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Super Fast Post

Time for a picnic. 
 We moved.  It all come together on Monday.   If you've moved recently you recall the crazies.  The crazies are over now.  Except I accidentally took Tanks' prozac just now.  Time for  a nap I guess. How does one accidentally take Tank's prozac? 
I was reaching for Tylenol and then ran to grab Tank.  I had the tylenol and the prozac in my hand and just took it when he bolted on me.   The cats are not happy in their new home.  

A dog would be thrilled.  Cats dont like change.  We nearly lost Pie to a rafter moments ago.  
The hard part is done. Everyone is using their litter boxes and showing up to be snuggled from time to time. 

Knitting.....cast on another Christmas sock yesterday.  Went two complete dayswithout knitting before I realized it. 

We are 90% unpacked.  I think we unpacked in our sleep.  

The movers...lets not go there.  The one kid who broke the futon side arm, I simply couldnt tell on. He was  all of 20 and barely spoke English.  I told him to NOT worry about it.  

I love the new house. WE are in Lake GEneva Wisconsin.  Not on the lake.  But we are very very happy right now. 

So Whats up by you? I'll be trying to catch up tomorrow.  We had no internet for two days and no TV.  We have both now. 

Hugs thanks..  Keep your dishcloth swaps going. Looks like everyone is enjoying it who played! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Monday Q and A

 Ready? Let's Play .  Fezz says my brother is winning all kinds of Championships.  Hooray for brother Kevin from Chemicoons cattery . 

1- Have you ever won an award? 
2- Do you like the baby blanket below? 
3- What's your favorite gauge to knit in?
4- Where was the best cup of coffee you ever enjoyed?
5- Do you have a favorite family recipe that has been passed down for a few generations?
6- Did you know you can have a conversation in the message section of Facebook with someone out of the country?
7- Is it harder to send the kids to kindergarten or college?

8. This is a new free Knitpicks pattern.  I may have to knit one.  I think pattern are so much better written now than years ago.  Do you?

9. Ravelry really changed our craft and our communication. Do you have an old pattern that a family member passed down to you? 

10. When is the last time you traveled with your pet in a car?

My answers:

1. Honestly I think the last award I won was from McDonalds in 1977.  I got the local employee of the year award.   I have been teased mercilessly by my husband who also worked there and no awards!

2. I like the baby blanket because it reminds me of Charlie Browns shirt . 

3. I really like 4 stitches to the inch.  Those tiny socks of old with 7 -8 stitches per inch are crazy to me.  Plus 4 sts to the inch moves a project along pretty quickly.  I have a short project span....

4. Best coffee ever: Mexico.  Leon hotel.  They would bring a huge pot of coffee to our room every morning.  There was no bitterness to it.   

5. I have my Hungarian grandmothers homemade bread recipe. It takes 8 hours from yeast rise to bake.  Lots of kneading, an all day affair.  Best when it is not humid out.  

6. Just learned I can write Zach live on Facebook Messaging. 

7. It is harder to send them to kindergarten.  They are so young and vulnerable and cute and innocent.  You go from total control of their day to letting someone else influence them.  College drop off was gut wrenching but at least you knew they were ready to go !

8. I haven't read a bad free pattern in a long long time.  I do think they have improved drastically. 

9. I had someone rewrite my Hungarian grandmothers crocheted apron pattern.  I'll never make one.  It is fun to have the apron and the pattern though.  

10. I'm going to be traveling with 4 cats in crates very soon is going to be loud for awhile.  I only  have a 75-90 minute drive. 

Peruvian Alpaca and Faith

 1. My pal Abby is in Peru.  She sent me this photo.  She is bringing me back alpaca yarn.  
That's a pal, I say.  Going all the way to the yarn shop in Peru...oh wait, she may be there for some sighting too. 
2. I shy away from Religion on the blog.  I'll just say my grandma and mom were deeply devoted to the Blessed Mother. I am too.  She has been so good to us in every way.  This is a photo I took near the Seminary at Techny.  

3. Zach got to Mexico safely yesterday.  One day closer to coming back...I'm awful.

4.  I poured sherry over my chicken as it bar b cued last night.
Didn't really taste like it.  Had to get rid of another thing to move. . Bye cooking sherry!

5.  send me good bloggy pal luck.  We hope to move this week. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Well worth It

My zinnias were well worth the 2.29 packages of seeds that I tossed into the soil in May.  Late May.  They are like little pops of colored joy to look at from the porch.  
This one is more fur than frame.  Giroux and Fezz might have a good time.  Fezz takes all kinds of orders from tiny mighty Pie.
Pie did a leap into a closed window yesterday, once again proving she can't see much.  Her poor Pie brain.  She's on the concussion protocol now.  That means we leave those windows open.  

Zach flew off to Mexico this morning. I was so good at the airport. Then I came home and started bawling.  Shoulders shaking, and snotting into tissues.  We love our kids dont we?  They are well worth it. 

I'm knitting a hat.  
because all the other needles are packed somewhere. 
because I Found some Zara.  Because I need to keep knitting and a hats a hat and thats that.  

Monday q and a may be done on sunday this week.   I'll letcha know.  Head over to HandEYE Kim's Hunks and Chicks contest. 
Vote for my nominees!  I have the BEST picks anyhow.  I have included Olympians and Princes and Seniors and such.  Have a look see, its well worth it. 

Friday, August 19, 2016


 I'm was still in the dishcloth swing of things.
This is Lion Brand Cotton Ease 
50% cotton
50% acrylic.
So it won't shrink. 

I just got this Lion Brand from Etsy's site: 3c's Twisted Stitchers.
All their profits go to fight cancer and assist local charities! 

Good news: love the yellow
Bad news: even with the acrylic there is next to no give and my hands hurt.  
Yesterday we were in Evanston and I have always loved the old Lighthouse on Sheridan Road.  For years I threatened my children with a tour.   We never got to it. 
Working so many Sundays made the tour availability really slim. Also there are crazy temperature constraints for tours. If the temp is above something like, 80 degrees, the tour is cancelled. 
I can still love it.  And Waterlogue, you rocked the painting. 

Moving update:
There is none! 
We are waiting for stuff. 
The waiting is making me less sentimental about moving from here .  I LOVE this old house. It screams character.  I brought my babies home to this house.  Our family came to life here. 
Love my porch and radiators. 
Love the windows. Even the ones we replaced are true divided light. No panel bars for us.  They cost but they look awesome.
So many events at our big old Irish dining room table.
Rosalyn died in our arms here, our cat. 
Magen (cat) 
 died in our house here too. 
Beatles was born here. 
Zach threw his shoes at his door when he had tantrums here.
Allison took naps on the radiator. (clarification, only as an adult did she nap) 
Fireman drove the engine past the house and beeped for his kids to know he loved them more than the firetruck.
Fireman and kids tent camped in the yard.
Huck. Lived. Here.

But the pull to move on is greater than the roots to stay. 

I hope to have good news and it all wrapped up soon. 

Swappers, you have 12 days left to get your packages to your partner.  Enjoy  it. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Hero Fu, The Sturgeon Moon, and Yawn, another Christmas Stocking

 Sometimes the most difficult part of writing a post for me is giving it a title.  
You must think, what in the world is she talking about today? 

I'm feeling the need to be all organized, so 

#1. This is last night's Sturgeon moon. 
These are the best two shots out of ohhhhh probably 50. 
(I'm shaky .  I have to balance the camera without a tripod and not breathe to take the pictures. )
So because I live on Lake Michigan's shores, I'll tell you the Native American's caught the most Sturgeon in the Great Lakes during this time. 
I'm all Native American talk because Al's in Oklahoma City and she's learning so much there about this beautiful culture. 
Chicago has/had  Potawatomi Indians. 
Indians of the Plains wore hand knitted sweaters.
I also loved the book, about Curtis ( Dark Night of the Shadow Catcher was one of my reads this year. ) and his extensive photographs of the Beautiful Native American people. 
Judy read it and loved it too. 
Which shot do you prefer? 
I like the one below. 
 #2. Christmas stocking, number 5.  Stockings 2 and 3 were mailed to darling niece Nora in Scottsdale on Monday.  Nora is living out on her own now.  You start your own Holiday things going.  Mamma doesn't give it all away.   Mostly because a lot of it is broken after 21 years of parenting, cats in trees and a little too much hooch during the tree trimming.  
#3 We haven't moved yet.   You guys are so cute about it.  Thanks for caring.  Living in boxes is okay with me.   I have 3 plates to wash.  I'm a good camper.  The only time I feel panic is when I cannot find the needles or yarn I need.  

#4 Chinese swimmer darling Fu, told the world she had cramps during her Olympic swim.  She didnt' whine about it.  She just was doubled over in pain, (memories, horrible memories) and a reporter asked if she was ok. She said she was having painful cramps.  Period.  Pun intended.   She said it was not an excuse, she had not swam her best.  Certainly she has had to swim while her uterus screamed out to her before.  

I was one of those sufferers.  My mom was the best mom. She'd come pick me up from high school and let me go to bed for the day.  She knew the pain.  I had a sister who never had a cramp. 

Fu, you are my hero.  The world really has not cared if we have to be in severe pain once a month.  For a long time it hasnt' cared.  The great Mayan calendar was created by women who menstruated every 28 to 31 days.  Fu, you spoke the truth. 

Fu you are our voice .  Fu , If I could,  I'd send you an arsenal of zofran for the nausea two days before the cramps start, and I'd send you tyelnol #3 with codeine from all my  friends (who had wisdom tooth extraction and scoffed at the need for  Rx .) 
Cramps...thats pain.  We all squirreled the Drugs away for the cramps that would knock us over otherwise. 
I'd send you a knitted hot water bottle cover in your favorite colors.  And I 'd rewrite the schedule for your swims so you always swam mid cycle .....when you feel fantastic.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August Chewy . com Offers

 Hooray for Boxie cat.  It is pretty much completely dust free cat litter.  It is odorless and controls that nasty cat pee smell .  This is a free trial from Chewy .com and I will be ordering more. My cats immediately began using the box that I put the Boxie in.  
We have many cats and many boxes.  So I just tried this litter in one pan.  They instantly began to use it.  
I like a litter  that is not scented.  Time will tell but it is supposed to be long lasting in odor control.  
One of Chewy's great customer services is home delivery. I will be using their service soon.  I do not like carrying heavy litter to the truck. I usually ask Fireman to do it.  
 Sydney sent us The Evanger's dry cat food Meat lovers with Rabbit .  Fezzik was the only one to try it.   He seemed interested in it the first day only.  Successive days of leaving it out meant no takers.  I will try again in a week.  Sometimes Fezzik just likes the newness of a food.  My other cats are less likely to switch dry foods.  They are very quick to take any wet foods.   I will be looking to donate the rest of the bag of kitty food to a good cause.  Our shelter won't use opened food, but I think I know a feral group that might. 
Chewy gets a "10" from our family always. Sydney is more than helpful . 

The products are sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review of these products on our blog.  

Thanks CHEWY

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