Monday, September 26, 2016

Our 39th Monday q and A ....13 weeks left to 2016

Hope you are still finding Monday Q and A to be fun and light!

*Do you work better in groups or alone?
I am horrible in groups. I grew up in a dysfunctional group of 9.   I would much rather work alone to accomplish anything.  

*Butter or margarine?
Butter. because it's worth it

*For a day : no phone or no computer?
Easy: no phone

*Gym shoes: wear them out or replace regularly?
Wear them out.  Hurts to spend money on them!

*More likely to find in your couch cushions: money or needles?
Needles of course

*What kind of knitting hurts your hands/arms/fingers?
Knit two together hurts and too much circular knitting hurts

*How do you feel when someone asks you to knit for them?
Burdened.  Isn't that awful?  
*I choose my patterns based on : 
-the designer
-the difficulty
-ability to use stash on hand
The difficulty ....I'm such an easy knitter

*I store my yarn in :
-plastic bags
-project bags
-bins and pots and pans
Plastic bags 

*Last company you called customer service .....
Hughesnet.  But I'm about to call DISH.  and I kill them with kindess.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Chewy's Cat Treat Review for September

 Sydney at Chewy sent us cat treats to review this month. 
As you know we do not get money for this but we get free products to honestly review. 

The Fancy Feast Variety packs are not in any of my stores yet. 
We tried them.  The cats devoured them quickly. 
I thought they were smelly.....
a yes for them
a  no for me.

The Honest Kitchen Wishes treats were a hit too.
Below you see a blurry action photo of Beatles sneaking away with a Wish treat in his mouth. 
Again, the cats loved this type of treat. 
It is like a dog bone for cats. 
But the smell of the dried fish was overwhelming to me. 
It permeated the cabinet . 

I worry about cat smells in my home. 
This will be an occasional purchase for me. 
Have to give the cats the treats they love that are nutritious, but I have to keep the house smelling great too. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thank You Needles'n Pins Yarn Shoppe

Today's Saturday post is a huge thank you to Gordon at Needles'n Pins Yarn in Delavan, Wisconsin.  

Do you know where this is going?

Al and I were busy as country bees inside the knit shop last week. 

Fireman was patiently petting the spaniel outside. 

Needles'n Pins has a huge selection of yarn in a warm inviting environment.  No need for shame, you'd feel comfortable bringing in your garter blanket for them to pick up the stitches
without a raised eyebrow. 

Doreen has apparently written several books on knitting. 

When AL and I left the shoppe, I wont' mention time transpired,
Fireman and Gordon were chatting it up. 

Gordon hadnt' met us before so he politely asked the questions. 
Once he heard Al was a nurse he was telling us his rather miraculous country 911 rescue. 

I had this notion that I wanted Fireman to make me a simple headboard for the new house bed. 
I asked Gordon, if he knew any farmers who sold barnwood.

By golly, Gordon had an entire barn of the wood. 
He told us to take our pick. (of cherry and white oak) 
TAKE,  is the operative word. 

Not just random wood thrown about, his
cherry and white oak wood was carefully stacked between palates to dry to perfection. 

Fireman was enchanted. 

We left with yarn and 4 lovely pieces of wood.
All Gordon asked was that we spread the word about their yarn shoppe. 

I have a new headboard. 
It is almost finished.  I'll show you it finished soon. 

Is there a yarn you are hankering for?
I'll be happy to take orders.
I'll go to the shoppe, and I'll pay your shipping. 
Or just order from Doreen and tell her I sent you. 

I'll be buying her books and having a contest/raffle soon. 

Happy Saturday! 
Happy Needles n Pins

Friday, September 23, 2016

Infectious Autumn


Ready, set AUTUMN.

I get all sentimental about fall.
It feels like our shortest season.
How can I not be in love with crisper,
comfortable air masses and leaves turning colors?

Yarn and fall just go together like naps and blankets. 

My broken butt is healing.  I can feel some improvement. 
Alas, no bike rides for me this fall. 
Lots of walks, though.

Have you caught the Autumn bug yet? 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

AHA moments!

Photo: Judy and I meeting on Monday. 
Just look at Judy!  She looks fantastic.
This is our 3rd meet up.  All thanks to Judy coming to my area. She says I have to go to Seattle and she's right.  

We were so in sync we gifted each other knitted items this year. I love my blue cowl, Judy.   So soft, so blue. 
I gave Judy a leaf scarf. 
Judy and Dick and Jill and I talked a variety of topics.
Thanks Judy for listening with your heart as I talked about my sweet mom. 

In new knit news:
I had carefully cast on 300 plus stitches and enjoyed the first 10 garter rows.  Then I realized I don't have enough yarn for the scarf. 
That's 3000 stitches before the DUH moment. 
I have no excuses,
I have had plenty of coffee,
I've unpacked my yarns,
I am well past the moving stress.

Never you mind, I am now hat knitting with the fabulous peruvian Alpaca yarn. 

Also, we have been back to our hometown..
(that's just weird to say) twice in the last two days.
Meetings for the shelter and a mom visit. 
So there has been an abundance of Never Ending Sock yarn blanket knitting. 
I'm not sure this is ever going to end. 
4 hours of car knitting yields about an inch on the blanket. 

I've finally figured Hughesnet out.  If I get up before 0800 I can post, search, download and the like without one slow issue. 
After 0800 I'm stuck. 
Haha Hughesnet. I win this round. 

Now I'm off to comment on your blogs before 8

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

B's on Wednesday

Okay I'm back on blogger.  Clapping, relief and joy! 

Some of you already saw my little ONLINE hat.  Simple simple simple.  I don't like the yarn.  Can't really say why.  Just doesn't feel right. 

Then again, I'm working with Peruvian alpaca now so anything is inferior.  If I can I will load my pattern photo of the alpaca scarf. 

My bee busy mind was thinking of keeping bees here in the country.  The world needs more beekeepers.  I'm leaning towards no now. I"ve talked to a few who keep bees and they say it is a costly hobby.  I don't need a costly hobby. 

The nice part was that Fireman loves honey and he was not protesting the plan at all.  What are your thoughts ?  I want to help the bees without necessarily being a beekeeper. 

I think a nice pair of dwarf angora buns would be less work, less money and more fun.  

Just dreaming.  The country air is good for my head.  

Thoughts?  bees?  Buns?  books? 

s o

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday what is going on

Oh boy i am having blog issues.  I am having other issues with bandwidth. I only know about bandwidth from other bloggers
I was on the road to wordpress until you told me it is worse 
Ok. Lets be positive:
Ive cast on for a new scarf called The Trickle Scarf.
My pal Abby gave the alpaca yarn to me and i cant stop petting it. I do think it makes me stuffy in the nose.
My new shirt from Channons lu la rue shop is so comfy I dont know i am wearing a top. I am ridiculously sensitive to touch. I cannot walk near an evergreen without a rash. I am beyond oversensitive to fibers.  Cotton is the only thing for me. I itch at lace at lycra and at the thought of wool.  Channon this top is so so comfortable.  Im devising ways to buy more of these tops
Is this an add for dear Virginia pal Channon mother of 3 fab dogs? Well it could be but it is really just joy over how i think clothes should feel

I met Judy yesterday.  Yes washington judy a d husband dick and daughter Jill. Judy is so smart and she tells it like it is.  It was a great time. More on that tomorrow

we have been in our new home almost a month. I finally got to organizing my yarn today.
More on that later too

wish me blog bandwidth and hughesnet luck

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