Saturday, October 22, 2016

Someday Saturday

*Someday I'll knit this. 
I love the top down construction.
It uses Rasta in bulky though.
This pattern is on Ravelry:
The Road to Gimmerton
by Melissa Schaschwary

*Someday We will have all the dead trees down,
but for now we go at it one tree at a time.
Yesterday was a 7 hour day of chainsaws and cutting and a fire to burn the branches. 
It was our 7th day since September of full day woods/tree work. 
I like doing it. 
However, it is pure hard labor. 
And it makes me HUNGRY

*Someday I will get to a bee meeting around here.
For now, I'm too busy on the Shelter Board and Im gearing up for our big GALA.   

*Someday the CUBS are going to go to the World Series and win it ALL.
Beyond excited......

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pekapeka Seventh Hat and THe Cubs are ONE Game away!

First up knitting is going great. 
I'm in the groove knit pals.  
I'm working on hats.   I need a baby hat and a big sister hat to match. 
Negative ease is my new best friend.
It means the hat is designed to stay on your head.
Amazing, right?  Nothing worse than a hat that is a fit failure.

LOVE this pattern. 
Pekapeka Seventh and wait for it...
it is free on Ravelry! 
Using Zara yarn which has some bounce to it. 

That's the CUBBIES in the backround of the photo.
I'm beyond excited.  Katherine and I are holding our collective breaths even though we are a thousand miles apart.
This is our Year! 
Some pitches are sheer torture for me. 
The games have been long and with the west coast starts, very late. 
Bring on Saturday's game!

Finally, this is one of the decorations the former owners left in the crawl space.  
There was more.  Some were beyond broken. 
But there was a 
Santa in a crane lifting toys. 
That one had a movement mechanism that actually worked. 
The Lakeland Shelter here has a resale shop and they wanted them.  
Yeah!  Recycle

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hometown Catch Up

I promise I will have knit content tomorrow!
I have a new plan a new pattern and some tried and true yarn.
We were back by the old house yesterday for many appointments. 
One street always decorates really well for Halloween. 

Went to my old LYS Three Bags Full and enjoyed seeing everyone and getting a little headstart on Al's Christmas yarn gifts. Between appointments,   I was emailing back and forth with the Tree Authority Don Wells.  He has located many Trail Trees, as we call the Native American Marker trees.  Thank you for the suggestion.  He's uncertain at this point about the tree.
The only way to know for certain he says is to have it dowsed.

Yup, that means the person with the fork like stick will see if there is water or a stream under the tree.  Rather halloweenish....
A nursery told us it is a cherry tree most likely. 
Anyone know a dowser? 
Fireman and I now know a few more distinct features to look for thanks to Don.  
Even if it not a marker tree, it is beautiful to me. 

Oh MY CUBBIES are Baaaaack!
Go go go. 

Finally, I had a sweet visit with my mom last night. 
She whispered to me, "that's your husband" and nodded to Fireman.   She also winked at him. 
There's something left in that brain of hers. 
and there's certainly a soul made of gold. 
Thank you all for the prayers for her. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Help Tree Folk

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is?  I'd love to know.  It is so oddly shaped
Thanks all for the suggestions.
It does not seem to bear fruit or nuts. 
I have sent photos to the Mountain Stewards email as one of you suggested!  Will keep you all posted. 
I suppose it is possible this is a Native American Marker tree....but that would be tooooooo cool.  We are near those sacred Mounds. 
I promise to keep you all posted. 

On Quitting a Game

Answers to Monday's Questions are now in italics on that post. 
Thanks for playing, and no more mouse killings to report. 
but they are never alone....

Moon, weather, glorious here. 
Fireman and I went golfing yesterday. 
I Haven't played in years. 

I love the beauty of the golf course especially when colors are  peak on the Ridge. 
I love to see Fireman golf because he thinks each shot and he gets the whole game. 
When he talks to me to help me, 
I don't understand 98% of what he is saying. 
It is a secret language and I don't even know the handshake. 
So I'm here to say, unabashadly, that I quit. 
I've been trying on and off for our whole relationship.

I swing at that little ball and often nothing happens. 
I get tense the moment I'm at address. 
(I learned that code word long ago, it means
address the ball....or surrender to it in my case...)

I can love the game and not waste good yarn money on it right?
To be fair it was only 13 dollars to play a gorgeous course, for 18 par 3 holes. 
Thats golf language for DIRT cheap. 

So good riddance.  I know have a wonderful son who has begun to enjoy the game with his dad.  I think that's better than me trying to run around and hit that little ball that mocks me ...

As for my knitting. This fall like yarn is great. 
I started the Diving IN shawl by FLo on Ravelry. 
I totally get the increases now, but I just don't like garter. So I am thinking of this as a test start.  This means I will frog it this afternoon ....but I am not quitting at all. 
 I'm thinking of doing the increases, but knitting stockinette or something different than straight garter. 

All is not lost.  The game will go one. 
I'm learning afterall in a language that I get. 
And I'd pay 13 dollars to play everyday, but I dont' have to! 
I think my cost/benefit/joy ratio is way higher with knitting than with golfing. 
If you can play the golf  game, You have my respect. 
Life's short. 
Keep knitting!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Questions and Answers

Some superfun friends visited Saturday.  I made them sit on a limb for this photo. 3 of them were terrified.   Q: Guess which one is the flight attendant...(Left to right: Dayna, Matt, Nick and James)
The answer is JAMES!  and I want to fly with him someday

The fall is really here.  I needed to change up my knitting this weekend. I was all unsettled and wonky until I found some flame orange in my stash... Q: Guess what I'm knitting....
the answer is a shawl in complete garter stitch....
I know...what?  In orange flame yarn from the Smoky Mountain trip

* Someone killed a mouse that dared come in the house this weekend.  When I saw the scene of the murder I shrieked and had Fireman come take the body away.  Mice unnerve me. Perhaps thats why I have four cats :)  Q: Which one of my cats got the mouse? Fezzik's first kill!  The big cat
It always amazes me that cats just know how to get mice. 
Tale as old as time...
We praised the paws off him!  GOOD BOY

*Allison helped me figure out a pattern yesterday. 
There's a four row repeat. 
Row 1 and 3 are the same. 
This meant if I wasn't paying attention,
I wasn't sure if I was on Row 2 or row 4. 
Q: How many were going to St. Ives? 
Well only one was going to St. Ives but I was just kidding you 

*If you have a Ravelry account and we are friends, 
I stalked your projects this weekend looking for inspiration.
Q: For your last project what was the inspiration:
a blog post, the yarn, the pattern?
My latest shawl, was inspired by a Ravelry pattern. 

*Q: If Dee and Judy met on a car trip midway, what state would they end up in? (hint I've been there)
Google says Sioux Falls South Dakota
Love me some Custer State Park and Mt. Rushmore
*Q: Taxes? Katherine, when you move to the country and your cats catch mice, can you deduct their living expenses?
*Q: Whose nervous about my Cubs? 
Katherine,I'm right there with you. 
Cmon CUBBIES. This is our year.

*Q: Made crockpot Italian beef for guests this weekend. 
Chuck roast, garlic, Pepperoconi, seasoning.
Guess what we made for dessert and whose Blog the recipe came from?
Dessert was delicious Applescotch Crisp  from the Ravell'd Sleeve 
Bridgets blog.  Um......outstanding.  The butterscotch pudding dry mix just makes it magic with butter....

Q: When you pick up your knitting, does your mind wander or focus? 
Wander.  Unless I'm following a chart.  
we all know how often I follow charts.

Thanks for playing!!!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Well, THAT Didn't Work....

 Thought the camper for sale sign was amusing.
I love when my fellow bloggers tell their camping adventures. 

So, I was going to respond to every comment this week with another comment back and that just didnt' work. 
So sorry. 
Some of you are set up in blogland where you can follow a comment with a comment.  
I can't do that for some reason that may be entirely related to my lack of computer knowledge. 

I'm at a standstill in my computer skills. 
Well, that's not completely true. 
Thanks to you I have started using Duckduckgo as my search engine  this week, as opposed to Google.  
Perhaps I'll take a free class to keep learning on this amazing machine.  
So sorry, I truly love your comments.  But I have to cluster my responses in a later comment at this point. 
Most of you who comment have your own blogs that I go over to and respond anyhew. 

(GO CUBS just sayin! and by the way all the remaining 4 teams have blue in their uniforms....) 

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